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AT OCM Accounting we focus on 3 main objectives when looking at business growth:

Be Efficient - More Quantity

For a business to grow you must be efficient, maximising your time and resources is key. You must make sure every department is running as smooth as possible.

The benefits of being efficient is, less stress, boosted morale and better organisation in the business environment.

Giving you more time to:

  • Achieve your goals
  • Increase productivity resulting in higher revenue
  • Focus on other key parts of your business

Be Valuable - More Quality

You have got to know your worth and identify why your business is not performing as well as it should.

Reasons why businesses underperform:

  • Under valuating products & services to stay in competition with the market
  • Spending too much money on producing products and services


Ways to improve the value of your business:

  • Raise your prices adding value to your product or service
  • Spend smartly and know exactly what you’re spending in each and every department

Why it is important to improve the value of your business

  • Better profit margins which give you more financial resources to improve your product or services
  • Better experience for the customer

Reputation - How does your business Look to others?

Reputation could be one of, if not the main reason your business is not at its best. How you look on the outside will predominantly affect your business performance.

The benefits of a good reputation include:

  • More business opportunities
  • More customers and sales
  • Distinguishes you from competitors
  • Promotes good relationships with clients

GLOSS review:

At OCM Accounting, we help small business owners to grow and improve their business by conducting a GLOSS review:

G = Goals – what do you want, where are you going?
L = Location – where are you now?
O = Obstacles – what are the challenges you face?
S = Speed – how quickly to you want to get there?
S = Solution – what can we do to get you there?

How we help you grow and reach your goals

  • Help you create realistic goals that align with your personal targets
  • Management Reports – With detailed analysis of what you’re spending and where
  • What if analysis in your financial forecasts – Creating different scenarios
  • KPI Reports – To show your business performance
  • Rolling Forecast – To keep you on the right path
  • Financial Reviews

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